Connecting the Merrimack Valley to our people in Cuba

Our Federation sponsored a Mission to Jewish Cuba in 2014. We brought much needed medical supplies and myriad requested items to the isolated small Jewish communities in Santiago and Guantanamo.


Above is a siddur found in the Orthodox shul in Havana. It was new during the 1930s and 1940s, when the Jewish community of 15,000 flourished. Its condition today is suggestive of the difficult life faced by our remaining 1,500 Cuban brothers and sisters, yet its proud and prominent display speaks to the hopeful renewal of Jewish life on the Island.



are rebuilding Jewish life in Cuba. But it couldn't happen without Federations fundraising for programs of the Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). Your generosity has provided religious education, leadership training, visiting Rabbis, and more.

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Do let us know if you are interested in going on a Mission to Jewish Cuba!

  • Enhancing Identity in Cuba

    With support from Jewish Federations, the first-ever delegation of Cuban Jews participated in the World Maccabiah Games.